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Skin becomes dry, necks become hoarse, and nasal passages can become congested simply because of dry wintery air To help, to fight against these problems, many people invest in small space humidifiers to help, to hold the air humid, while they sleep at night Vaporizer come in two basic types: chill aerial fog, and warm aerial fog On the surface it can seem that it makes no difference which kind you buy, but there are some important differences to be aware before the decision which is right for you and your needs The first thing which most people think, while they buy a product, is a price In this case about 25$ start of both chill aerial fog and warm aerial fog humidifiers in stores like whale market or aim The biggest difference is that a chill aerial fog Vaporizer requires almost always a filter These filters last about 30 days, and then they must be substituted If you plan the whole winter while using your humidifier, you will have to substitute for your filter a few times So, at the end of the first winter you will have been economical almost so much on filter as you have on the Vaporizer yourselves They can also buy special solutions which should help to extend the life of the filter (these cost $ 3-5 per bottle), but I have thought that these will extend only the filter use for one week or two in best of all The extra costs of the filter substitute are the first setting of the chill aerial fog humidifier Because it uses fields to blow water by the filter and in the air, it can be different by the warm aerial fog humidifier substantially according to, the heat uses to create steam which rises of course in the air The warm aerial fog Vaporizer profits transmit to costs and noise level, but there are other things like to consider where you will use the humidifier If you use it in a bedroom of a child, the hot steam of the warm aerial fog humidifier can burn a child if they touch the humidifier, these are looked uncertainly for the use around children So if you put a humidifier in a bedroom of a child, or a room where a child could reach the humidifier certainly is with the chill aerial fog To consider another thing is the way, like the humidifier effect air temperature and the general feeling of the room if the humidifier is in the use Warm aerial fog humidifiers can make the room to itself friendly steamy like a bathroom after a hot shower, although at a smaller level feel Chill aerial fog humidifiers bump off the place itself friendly and clammy feel Which humidifier is "better, in this case will completely leave up to the personal predilection These are the main differences in two general types of Vaporizer Before the buying of a kind or the other, think of these differences and you choose that which fits best of all your budget and space situation Mine are three years old in the contact with many other children Thus I am never surprised if she comes down with a cold And, nevertheless, in the course of the years, I have learnt to keep an arsenal of remedies available Here somewhat is of the central issue which I keep all around for ill children If children are younger, they have hard times, her noses blowing An onion Vaporizer syringe helps to suck some rogue's pipes which can end soon wiped over a face of a toddler